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The Eye of The Beholder

March 28, 2017


With all the challenges that have circulated on the Internet lately, I figured one more challenge couldn't hurt. Only, this time, the challenge is a personal one. I come from a very large family and although there were times when money was tight, and food scarce my mother did the best she could by other’s standards we were “poor”; however, we didn’t know.


For many years, I rejected looking in a mirror because I didn't like what I saw. Not because of me; but rather, what I had allowed others to deposit into my psyche about who and what I was. In a society where much stock is placed on how one looks rather than how genuine one is in character or spirit, it’s any wonder why I’m not perpetually stretched out on a therapist’s sofa. You see, I was subjected to bullying. It pains me to think about the progression of bullying and how it has caused so many beautiful souls to take their own lives. Yet, when I was subjected to ridicule, verbal abuse, and just down right mean spirited people there was no anti-bully campaign. You simply took the abuse until you learned how to fight back.   


So, I challenge you to “Fight Back”. Fight back the inclination to think less of yourself than the king or queen you are destined to be. Fight back the societal norms that label you, that paralyze you, that cripple not only your spirit, but also your mind. The first fight is with yourself. So hence the challenge. For me, it was a long time before I could look in the mirror and see something other than what others said about me in my face or behind my back.


Your challenge should you decide to accept is to begin by spending one minute in front of a mirror (if you can a full-length mirror-naked). Each day add one minute to your time so that by the end of the month the goal is for you to be able to spend at least 30 minutes looking at and admiring your uniqueness. This mission is possible!  Email ( or post a comment, I’d love to hear about your progress.

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