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Dr. Theresa Charlene encourages and supports others interested in making substantive lifestyle changes utilizing Life and Wellness Coaching.  More than just a position, for over two decades, Dr. Theresa’s passion has been helping others.  She brings to Life and Wellness Coaching an understanding and appreciation for the marriage of spirit, body, and mind.  Her philosophy is that the marriage of these three, guides one through consciousness and determination to live life’s fullest in the present.


Theresa graduated Coppin State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. She went on to obtain her Master of Science in Social Work in Administration Policy and Non-Profit Management at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  She is advanced degreed with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling Studies from Capella University. Her research, A Phenomenological Study: The Lived Experiences Of Obese Men And Women Following Bariatric Surgery, published January 2015.


She is a Family Services Specialist with the Department of Children and Families for the State of New Jersey.  She is a part-time lecturer at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey as well as is involved with various professional and community organizations.

My Training
PhD - Human Services - Counseling Studies

Capella University

My Philosophy

Master of Social Work

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

My coaching philosophy is grounded in the client being his/her greatest asset. I believe that every client is capable of “Living Life’s Best”. It is my passion to: Foster an atmosphere conducive to self-enlightenment and discovery and encourage the birth of goal-oriented tasks that elicit client-centered outcomes.


I believe that “Living Life’s Best” is attainable for all seeking change and fulfillment. However, it does require a strategic battle plan to chart a course for goal attainment. As a Life and Wellness coach actively listening to my clients and maintaining the utmost professionalism, always, are two values I hold dear. It is important to incorporate the spirit, mind along the wellness journey. Doctor is not a title worn loosely or without regard for the awesome responsibility it is to serve my clients.


Beyond educational and career accomplishments, I am a dedicated mother, sister, friend and author. During my rejuvenation period, I love baking, listening to music, and meditating.

Bachelor of Social Work

Coppin State University

“I recommend Dr. Theresa Charlene as a Life and Wellness Coach.  She is an outstanding, loyal, spirit who genuinely cares about the well-being of others. She has helped transform my life and I am forever grateful."  Benjamin J.

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